Become an effective and impactful Virtual Communicator!

Virtual Coaching for Teachers and Educators

Virtual Communication Webinar for Teachers & Educators

Join me for a 60-minute webinar to learn simple tips and techniques to connect and drive engagement in your virtual communication.

  • How to set up your video for delivering an engaging presence online in virtual classroom spaces.
  • The do’s and don’t’s of on screen presence- dress code, visibility etc.
  • Understand the performance energy and how to ‘pitch’ your communication for maximum attention.
  • How to manage your online presence and use your voice and body language to connect, be clear and drive engagement with the children.
  • How to invite participation and manage group conversations effectively


client testimonials

feedback from our training

"Thanks for setting the tone on Presence in meetings whether small or large. I will be practicing the skills more. It's great to have everyone engaged in a meeting.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed it. A nice end to a Friday afternoon. Refreshing perspective to the lockdown.”

“Thank you so much, Juliette – well presented. You practice what you preach.”

“Highly informative session – learned quite some useful tips on effective, high impact presentations online. Thank you very much.”

“Thank you so much Juliette for trying to convert accountants. We can certainly take away a lot”

“Great content - wish we had longer with Al. We need more of this kind of session ...”