Some of our Client's Feedback

We have impact in all our coaching.

After attending 'Speak with Influence', I've gained invaluable communication skills and confidence in public speaking. I believe I can now deliver compelling presentations with clear and concise messaging, engaging storytelling, and impactful openings and closings. I've also learned to manage nervousness, adapt to different audiences, and use effective body language. The program has equipped me with tools for audience engagement and provided networking opportunities for future growth. I'm committed to continuous learning and look forward to applying these skills to enhance my professional and personal communication.
Speak with Influence Virtual Coaching Programme
I love the structure, the pace, being taken out of my comfort zone, yet remaining authentic in my delivery. BREATHE, PAUSE, PLAY are simple yet very effective tools. I am taking every opportunity to use these learnings. THANK YOU!
Constructive Conversations Coaching Programme
Working with my coach has been an indispensable part of my journey as I make a major career and life transition, not just as an executive, but as a husband, father, friend and human being. There were many seeds planted during our sessions, some of which immediately bore fruit and others which are continuing to take root and sprout.
Tembe Mutunga
Individual client
My coach has an ability to make one feel very comfortable, she has a great client manner as well as a great sense of humor. I looked forward to every session and left feeling very confident and empowered each time. She is able to quickly establish what one can improve on and is so patient as she watches one gradually progress. The energy that she brought to each session was invigorating.
Coverage Analyst
The content was highly useful, the application of the ideas is easy and the exercises in the training help bring the ideas alive really well. I feel better at handling general conversations, constructively handling conflict and logically presenting ideas in meetings.
General manager
Dimension Data
My coach is such a lovely person. I felt extremely comfortable from day 1 to share all my vulnerabilities with her that concerns me about my voice. You feel immediately relaxed in the sessions and the feedback she provides is so honest and graceful.
Senior Associate Consultant
Old Mutual
I enjoyed learning from all the facilitators. I have not only discovered more about myself, but I feel as though my communication skills have been sharpened.
Boston Consulting Global
Keep pushing on! We need more of these programmes. People are no longer contextual or able to express themselves effectively.
Leadership Virtual Power Presence Programme
This course has made me realise that I have to be deliberate about meetings and interactions. It has showed me how to prepare, how to present and how to gain insight in order to drive solutions.
Portfolio Manager
The overall course. It was very informative, and I know that this will empower me going forward by applying all the steps that was shared in preparing a virtual presentation.
Virtual Communications
Ninety One
Lotus is amazing. Takes women on a journey of self-discovery regardless of your age, qualifications, career path and industry. It is a life changing program which should be compulsory for all women and onboarded at the First Rand Group.
Lotus Power Presence Programme
First Rand
Our coach was so knowledgeable and passionate. She is phenomenal coach. Very active session and I was constantly glued and did not want to miss out on anything she was saying. Thank you so much.
Women’s Development Programme – Story for Influence Module