Some of our Client's Feedback

We have impact in all our coaching.

“Juliette is a practical communication coach who achieves great and lasting results. One of her greatest strengths is her ability to tailor her program and approach to suit the requirements of the individual involved. We have used her repeatedly, and I recommend her with confidence.”
Wynand du Plessis,
Head of Marketing, Investec
“I am running another Young Talent Programme (YTDP) and want to include the Power Presence module again. I recently looked at the post-programme evaluation from the group you trained last year and it was the best overall-rated course in terms of how valuable they thought it was!”
Fran Laenen, Emerging Talent Development, FNB Talent Performance and Development
“They are energised and understand our needs, they covered basically everything that will assist us to take control of our power. This was all very useful for me. One of the best sessions in the Programme”
Lucy Corkin, Business Manager, RMB
“Absolutely enlightening! Can’t wait to practice.” “The best way anyone can be taught personal presence.” “This has been incredibly powerful. I particularly enjoyed that I could authentically embrace my voice, accent and quirks but still be powerful in my presence.”
ABSA Women’s Leadership Development
“ The content was highly useful, the application of the ideas is easy and the exercises in the training help bring the ideas alive really well. I feel better at handling general conversations, constructively handling conflict and logically presenting ideas in meetings.”
Michael Defterios,General manager, Dimension Data
“I fully recommend the insights the coaching provides to even the most experienced of presenters – the ‘before’ and ‘after’ tapes were very revealing in showing just how a few relatively small incremental changes to posture, voice and positioning can make – very impressed with both Juliette and the programmes structure.”
Kevin Andersen, Head: Group Business - Momentum
“Team brought excitement into such an important element in the professional world. Audience was highly engaged & you can see people grow through the day.”
Daniella Keet, Syndication Transactor, RMB
“In a few short weeks I learnt to unlock my High Performance Communication potential using simple, scientific steps. It is an incredible journey to self-discovery.”
Robert Bainbridge, IT Audit Manager, Investec
"Power Presence training is absolutely essential and beneficial especially during presentations which are the biggest fear most people have. I would personally recommend this workshop as it puts things into perspective and filters all the unnecessary elements during that process of effectively presenting and communicating materials across."
Prudence Ogunlade, Fevertree Consulting
“Absolutely excellent! Will definitely add tremendous value to my leadership career”
Annelise Steyn, IBM
"The Power Presence workshop built confidence in my team, and elicited change very willingly to great effect – thank you.:
Caryn Baird, Head: Human Capital, Rand Merchant Bank
"Juliette is very professional and gives feedback in positive manner. She keeps everyone involved and on their toes." "This work is real life and that could be life altering, personally and professionally"
Business Connexion, Executive Programme