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We have a team of dynamic communication coaches who are passionate about partnering with you to achieve your goals. Our highly-skilled coaches have empowered thousands of individuals and teams to find a powerful speaking voice, master their presenting skills, tell powerful stories and learn to collaborate with and influence their key stakeholders and clients; ultimately showing up as their most confident and authentic selves.

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Juliette Jenner

Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company
Communication and Power Presence Coach, 
Keynote Speaker, MC and Actress

Juliette Jenner founded the Dynamic Voice Company in 2002, specialising in bespoke coaching solutions to increase personal presence and impact, communication strategy skill and creative collaboration of professionals and leaders in high performing teams and organisations.

Juliette is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Modelling), a Lessac Voice Teacher (Lessac Institute, New York) and internationally certified Systemic Constellations Coach. She has worked for many years in Corporate Communication, helping organisations find creative solutions for their business communication challenges using performance and arts-based techniques. She is a sought-after professional keynote speaker and body language expert, speaking on topics such Power Presence, Authenticity, Inclusion and Influence.

Juliette also a has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama & English Literature as well as a Performer’s Diploma in Speech & Drama from the University of Cape Town. She has worked locally and internationally for the last 18 years as an actress, director, comedy improviser and voice artist. She is known for her various TV and theatre roles in Binnelanders, Generations, The Wild, Romeo & Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Doctor Faustus and Selle Ou Storie as well as in international and local films such as Liberty and Faye.

Her wealth of expertise gives Juliette’s coaching methodology deeply practical resources in building authentic, powerful leadership presence and collaboration. Her knowledge and skill in understanding team dynamics, strategic communication and building influential relationships translating into simple yet powerful tools to increase the personal impact of her clients. Her one-on-one coaching is focused on leadership, tackling issues of personal mastery, transformation, inclusion and diversity with the view to building richly resourced leaders who maximise the talent of their teams and deliver excellent results.

Juliette and her team coach in major leadership, sales and women’s development programmes, as well as in young talent development, across the corporate world and have done so in association with business schools such as USB and Duke. She also coaches increasingly into Africa and is passionate about the continent’s development.

Al Prodgers

Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company
Communication and Behaviour Change Coach
Speaker, MC and Corporate Comedian.

Al Prodgers is sought after in leadership and talent development with a strategic focus on thinking agility, how to handle uncertainty and succeed under pressure. He instils confidence and self-mastery and is an expert in high-stakes communication and optimising interpersonal engagement.

As a conference facilitator, Keynote Speaker and MC, Al Prodgers has vast experience as a highly-skilled change agent who assists leaders and teams to unlock their greatness though effective collaboration. He influences divided, conflict ridden rooms to unite and work towards a common goal by encouraging their individual and collective potential.

Al empowers people, teams and organisations to have productive conversations, providing the practical toolkit that enables real trust. His style is interactive, with the emphasis on fun exercises and shared experiences. He helps people build skills and behaviours which enable them to collaborate with impact for real business results. When this energy is effectively leveraged it has a powerful impact on the energy, agility and profitability of teams.

After completing both a prestigious Bachelor of Arts degree and Performer’s Diploma in Speech and Drama at the University of Cape Town, Al Prodgers began his career as an actor and scriptwriter. After years of experience on TV, film and stage he became one the pioneers of modern Stand-Up Comedy in South Africa. For two decades, he has worked as a highly respected Stand-Up Comedian and Comedy Improviser, entertaining audiences locally and internationally from Toronto, London, Dubai and across our continent.

His skill as a strategic corporate communicator has won him awards and led him to be regarded as a champion of human potential. He translates high-performance communication skills into powerful business communication for real impact.

  • Internationally Acclaimed – Al won through as a finalist comedian at the prestigious Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off comedy competition in 2008.
  • Commended Nationally – In 2013, Al hosted his own DSTV special “Al Prodgers Live @ Parkers” on Comedy Central. He regularly performs on major stages throughout South Africa, including the Vodacom Funny Festival at the Baxter Theatre Concert Hall, Cape Town. 
  • TV Appearances – Al can be recognized from his numerous appearances in TV series locally and internationally, such as Generations, Isidingo, Wild at heart, Rhythm City and Rhodes.
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Chan 2

Chan Marti

Communication, Voice and Power Presence Coach

Chan Marti’s journey in the realm of communication and personal development began with her graduation from the University of Cape Town (UCT), where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Performer’s Diploma in Speech and Drama. This educational foundation provided her with the skills and knowledge necessary to embark on a career dedicated to helping others excel in communication and leadership.

Chan’s true passion lies in people development and vocal training. Over the years, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in guiding business professionals toward achieving a powerful presence and speaking excellence. Her multifaceted background includes extensive work as an actress, director, and voice-over artist, which has given her a unique perspective on the nuances of effective communication.

Since 2011, Chan has been a pivotal member of the Dynamic Voice Company, where she serves as a communication coach. Her role involves coaching both seasoned leaders and emerging talents across various corporate industries. Her dedication to assisting individuals in realizing their full potential shines through in her work. Chan’s mission is not just about honing communication skills; it’s about empowering individuals to reach new heights in their careers and personal lives.

One of Chan’s remarkable strengths lies in her enthusiasm for women’s development and leadership coaching. This has led her to become a highly sought-after communication coach, particularly for those looking to advance their professional excellence. Her commitment to nurturing leadership potential and fostering gender diversity in the workplace sets her apart in her field.

What makes Chan’s coaching style truly exceptional is her foundation in powerful performance and acting experience. She leverages her background to create practical and accessible coaching methods that resonate with her clients. Her aim is to enable delegates to not only communicate effectively but also to strengthen their personal impact. This, she believes, is the key to fostering improved business relationships and achieving career success.

Chan’s expertise extends to high-performance communication techniques, which are essential for navigating the demands of today’s corporate world. She understands the anxieties and challenges that often accompany stressful corporate environments. As a result, she approaches her coaching role with a dynamic and compassionate spirit, helping her clients not only master the art of communication but also conquer the hurdles and anxieties that might stand in their way.

In the world of communication and personal development, Chan Marti is a guiding light, dedicated to helping individuals find their voice, unleash their potential, and thrive in the professional arena.

Penny Bramwell-Jones

Communication, Voice and Power Presence Coach

Penny is a seasoned expert in the field of corporate communication, boasting a rich career spanning over 17 years. What sets her apart is her unwavering passion for guiding individuals towards becoming the best version of themselves through effective communication and personal development.

Her extensive skill set includes a wide array of competencies, making her a go-to professional in areas such as public speaking, leadership development, executive empowerment, emotional mastery, conflict resolution, team cohesiveness, and vocal development for dialect and accent neutralisation.

But Penny’s journey isn’t limited to the corporate world. She brings a unique blend of creative experience to her practice. Her background as a voice-over artist, director, and professional actor’s coach has provided her with a profound understanding of how to help clients thrive in high-stakes communication scenarios. Penny is adept at teaching them how to manage their body and voice effectively in such situations.

Penny’s educational background is equally impressive. She graduated with honors in Dramatic Art from the National School of Arts and holds a Higher Diploma in Dramatic Art. She pursued further studies in the United States, where she specialised in the Meisner Technique at the True Acting Institute with Larry Silverberg. This training transformed her into a certified Meisner practitioner, emphasising authentic, focused personal power in communication and the art of true human connection.

Penny is also a lifelong scholar of sound therapy and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), reflecting her commitment to continuous professional growth.

Throughout her career, Penny has dedicated herself to coaching professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills authentically. Her focus lies in developing and refining their voice, fostering connection, and building their confidence in various communication contexts. Penny’s profound expertise and creative approach make her a sought-after resource for those looking to excel in the world of corporate communication.

“Penny is an expert in what she does. She goes the extra mile and for me she was more than a coach but a guru in developing people and her holistic approach is what I like most.”- Motswana Grace Lukhele- Director- MLB Attorneys

Candis Angelene

Candis Angelene

Communication, Voice and Power Presence Coach

After completing her certificate in Commercial Radio Broadcasting, Candis graduated with a National Diploma in Drama from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). She then went on to work as a singer and actress in musical theatre productions, television and recording studios.

Candis is best known for her performances as a classical crossover soprano. She has featured as a soloist at numerous corporate events for clients such as Barloworld, MTN, Standard Bank, Momentum, SAPPI, Altron and Pepcor (to name a few). Her work includes corporate music production for Tupperware, Edcon and Avroy Shlain. Her album, Ancient Light reached no. 4 on the Classic 102.7 FM charts and continues to be featured on the radio station’s playlist.

Candis is an experienced facilitator. She has trained executives and professionals across a broad spectrum of industries, specializing in voice, presentation techniques and negotiation skills. Her training incorporates engagement artistry with communication poise and power.

Aurelie Stratton

Communication and Power Presence Coach

Aurelie Stratton is a senior Communication Coach with more than a decade of international experience in the UK and Spain. With her background as an actress, voice over artist, writer, director and producer, Aurelie found a passion for coaching centred around confidence and leadership communication.

Aurelie returned to South Africa to work on passion projects in the film world.  She is an award-winning short film maker and produced the acclaimed Short Film ‘Sides of a Horn’, a narrative film about the Rhino Poaching war, which qualified for the 2020 Oscars. Most recently she directed the new and improved ‘Defending the Caveman’ at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton.

Passionate about arts education, Aurelie has worked with educators and students, facilitating, and directing a variety of educational projects.

Aurelie brings this wealth of skill to her clients, empowering them to unlock their high-performance communication. She always leads with compassion, truth and trust. Her passion lies in activating the potential of each individual and watching them grow.

Her clients include: The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, The Prince’s Trust, Castle Mey Trust, The Science Museum, The York Railway Museum, Forest Holidays Corporate Group, Newquay Zoo, MENCAP of Ealing Broadway, Spaghetti House UK and The Masar Children’s Project in Syria (to mention a few).

Linda Ngele

Communication and Power Presence Coach

Linda is a skilled Communication Coach, with a focus on Early Career and Young Talent development.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Drama at the University of Pretoria, she began her career as a facilitator at the Olive Tree Theatre and worked her way up to becoming a Project Manager.

Linda has passionately contributed her arts-based skills to community development initiatives. She has experience in developing and implementing training programs aimed at skills development for the youth. She has worked with townships such as Alexandra, Tembisa, Hillbrow and Salvakop.

The entertainment industry has also been a fundamental aspect in Linda’s life. For ten years, she has moved through different parts of the industry as an actress, model, writer and director. She was also a radio presenter, hosting shows centred around youth development in arts and culture, and informative programs which challenge the South African narrative on inclusivity.

Her achievements are always spearheaded by patience and dedication and her most interesting trait is her ability to connect and relate with a cross-generational audience. Her diversity enables her to be versatile in public relations management and is also effective in ensuring long-lasting relationships.

Dana Burkholder

Communication and Power Presence Coach

Dana Burkholder attended the University of Arizona (USA) where she received a double Fine Arts Degree and was a 2x 1st All-American athlete.
As a 4x National Champion athlete before the age of 10, and a top performer throughout her career, Dana has known the spotlight and learned high performing and peak performing skills throughout her life.

Dana moved from performing to coaching in 2002 and enjoys supporting individuals on their performance and leadership journeys. Now with Dynamic Voice, Dana enjoys assisting business professionals develop powerful presence in high stakes situations.

As a Director and Coach who is well-versed in uplifting organizations and teams, Dana creates a space for people to access their strengths, step forward and shine their light. With a desire to further improve communication and team dynamics, Dana designed a self-awareness mobile app that powers transformation for organizations and their members in 2022.