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Through our individual and corporate sessions we equip you to master public speaking, individual voice coaching, tough business conversations, team conflicts, business presentations and boardroom meetings with power, authenticity and influence.

With theory and practical exercises, we give you the toolkit to instil real behavioural change and self-awareness that will transform you and assist you in building trusting relationships so that you can effectively collaborate, persuade and lead others.

Our team of highly skilled communication coaches bring decades of expertise in performance arts, improvisation as well as speech and drama. We help leaders, professionals and executives to communicate with power, authenticity and influence in the corporate arena. Our coaching is both fun and credible being rooted in neuro-linguistic programming, systemic constellation methodologies and arts-based learning, enabling maximum engagement and sustainable transformation.

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Coaching and training options for companies who want to grow their teams & leaders to connect, collaborate and influence for business success!



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Day workshops open to the public. Take your control of your communication and step into your power!

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Our Coaches

We have a dynamic team of skilled, communication coaches who are passionate about partnering with you to become your best you in the corporate world. Our passionate and dedicated coaches each bring their own incredible expertise and skills to meet your needs through our bespoke coaching solutions.

Juliette Jenner

CEO and Co-Founder

With expertise in Neuro-Linguistic programming, Lessac Voice teaching and internationally certified systemic constellations coaching, Juliette’s expertise in communications coaching is unrivaled. 

Al Prodgers


With a Bachelor of Arts degree and performer’s diploma in speech and drama, Al brings his expertise as an acclaimed comedian and improviser into his communications coaching and keynote speaking.

Chan Marti


Chan is a qualified from University of Cape Town with a BA and Performer’s Diploma in Speech and Drama bringing her expertise as an acclaimed South African actress and professional voice over artist into her communication coaching.

Penny Bramwell-Jones


An associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), a certified Meisner practitioner- focusing on the art of true human connection, a higher diploma in Dramatic Art, and a lifelong scholar of sound therapy- Penny has built her career in coaching professionals who desire authentic communication skills by developing and enhancing their voice, connection, and confidence.

Candis Angelene


After completing her certificate in Commercial Radio Broadcasting, Candis graduated with a National Diploma in Drama from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). She then went on to work as a singer and actress in musical theatre productions, television and recording studios.

Aurelie Stratton


Aurelie is an award-winning actor, director and screenwriter with international experience as a communication and performance coach. So excited to have her on board!

Dana Burkholder


Dana Burkholder attended the University of Arizona (USA) where she received a double Fine Arts Degree and was a 2x 1st All-American athlete. Dana has known the spotlight and learned high performing and peak performing skills throughout her life.

Linda Ngele


A seasoned performer, storyteller and social media expert joins us to head up work readiness and early career coaching. Linda is a breath of fresh air.

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We have been the preferred choice for public speaking, voice and communication coaching solutions for many
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