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We know that excellent communication is the key to building strong relationships, to being an inspirational leader, to growing high-performance teams and selling just about anything.

Leaders, managers and teams need to consistently engage and influence their audiences to drive business success. Master the communication skills to lead, inspire and motivate action at any level..

Our magic:

Our dynamic coaching empowers you to develop practical toolkits for sustainable behaviour
change. We use experiential, action-based methods to transform you into a high-performance communicator. We have fun with serious results.

Our programmes:

are designed to help you master the communication skills that will transform your ability to connect, collaborate, influence, lead and motivate action. In our noisy, distracted world your ability to consistently engage your audience is key to career and business success.

"Juliette brings her full self into the process and as a result one is comfortable opening up. She creates a safe environment to move to the next level.”
Simbai Myezwa, Credit Investment Professional,

why us?





We love listen to you and design the best outcome to drive your business results. We customise our training to meet your needs, delivering on all levels of business, from early career talent development right through to Women’s and Executive leadership interventions. Our learning is flexible and agile, giving you the best results.
We are a highly skilled team of coaches, led by founders Al Prodgers and Juliette Jenner, who have designed and implemented hundreds of bespoke training solutions for corporates and businesses since 2002. This means we have 18 years’ experience bringing the power of dynamic human connection alive for leaders and teams.
Our team all have decades of working experience as professional performers in our own right. We’ve been on stage and film as actors, comedians, improvisers, voice artists, Directors, MC’s and Keynote Speakers. With almost two decades of corporate communication coaching, we “get” connection and influence, we ”get” being agile under pressure, we “get” relationship building. Our sessions are highly engaging, practical and energising.
Because our coaching is linked to your real business outcomes, we are the first choice for bespoke communication solutions in some of South Africa’s biggest corporate brands. This means over 16,000 of our satisfied clients are getting incredible results for their organisations.

"A dynamic workshop that marries two seemingly disparate worlds of business and the creative realm – creating a synergetic magic that transcends beyond what has been taught & lending effectiveness to all aspects of physical & verbal interaction in business."
Nirvana Manni, Business Analyst,
Fevertree Consulting

what we can do

how we change your world!

power presence

Increase your presence and personal impact

With personalised feedback and non-verbal communication coaching, this session reveals how to have leadership presence, build trust and influence. 

constructive conversations

Lead meaningful conversations

We help you build a simple powerful toolkit that unlocks diverse views, enhancing co-operation and generating conversational flow no matter how tough the subject.

story power

Cut through the noise and deliver memorable messages with impact

This session shares simple tools and techniques to get and hold people’s attention. It enables you to harness the power of business storytelling to influence their thinking and win their buy-in.

speak with influence

Master the Art of public speaking and presenting

You can master the art of public speaking! We teach you the powerful principles of successful speaking: how to show up with credibility and connect. Then, holding your audience’s attention, how to serve and influence them with a relevant, well-structured message.

agile communicator

High Performance Communication skills for leaders & teams who need impact

This practical, experiential coaching session offers leaders and their teams a practical toolkit to be more flexible, resilient, better manage adversity, give feedback, win trust and influence without resorting to conflict or hostility. Agility is key to boosting productivity in uncertain times.

collaboration craft

Communication tactics for results-driven, productive collaboration

This is an experiential coaching session enabling vital, productive behaviours. You will leave able to get the best out of people by inviting positive participation, while asserting your own voice.

human art of selling

Communication skills for relationship building and influence in sales

Sellers need to master the essential human skills on which relationships are built before they can become consistent sales achievers.


Build a powerful team culture that aligns purpose, values & behaviour for success

Effective team culture is the engine that drives productivity and performance. When teams are not aligned or feel disconnected, they stall. This experiential coaching session boosts powerful alignment around values, accountability, trust and connection for real business outcomes.

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"Creating an awareness of things we forget about, that influence how you are perceived professionally- is a game-changer of note."
Roshana Jansen, Marketing Manager,

we customise options

for all levels of business

Here is an example of some of our workshop packages and programmes we offer. Each one customised around your needs and requirements.

Womens /

Empowering professional women in the business arena who need to show up confidently, authentically and synergistically amongst male leader counterparts. If you’re a woman on the rise, this course cannot be missed.

Leaders /
Managers Development

Designed to help leaders connect to their teams and colleagues. We help you bring out your personal power, manage difficult conversations and build good rapport amongst your teams whilst communicating effectively and purposefully.

High Performing

This workshop series creates powerful opportunity to gain perspective on how you “show up” and perform in high team environments . High performance players need powerful and strategic tools to engage, connect, convince and collaborate effectively with others to deliver precise outcomes.

Sales Managers &

Can you inspire confidence and get people’s favourable attention in the first sixty seconds of your communication and can you persuade them to see the value in what you’re offering? If you need help then this course if perfect for you. We empower sellers to connect to their buyers and their sales teams.

Grads /
Young Talent Development

At the Dynamic Voice Company, we believe establishing your professional presence & building positive business relationships, alongside technical and product expertise, is crucial for long term career success. If you’re 5 years and under in the corporate world in your specific company then this course is for you.

Public Speaking &
Voice Development

We teach you the powerful principles of successful speaking: how to show up with credibility and connect. Then, once you have your audience’s attention, how to serve and influence them with a relevant, well-structured message.

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what our clients have said

"They are energised and understand our needs, they covered basically everything that will assist us to take control of our power." "This was all very useful for me."
"One of the best sessions in the Programme"

FNB Women’s Leadership Programme

"Absolutely enlightening! Can’t wait to practice."
"The best way anyone can be taught personal presence."
"This has been incredible powerful. I particularly enjoyed that I could authentically embrace my voice, accent and quirks but still be powerful in my presence."

ABSA Women’s Leadership Development

Absa logo
“Practical learning was great. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a desire to be a High-Performance communicator.”

Gontse Sekhitla, Head of Risk Product Development

Liberty logo
“The focus on impactful communication through understanding the tools involved and how to use these has been eye opening and is very relevant to the performance in the corporate space.”

Stuart Mansfield, Head of Audit

Investec logo
“Empowering women to overcome barriers by improving their knowledge of themselves.”

Venise Niemack

RMB logo
“Absolutely excellent! Will definitely add tremendous value to my leadership career”

Annelise Steyn

The workshop was so super powerful. It has equipped us with the necessary skills to thrive well in building confidence and becoming good speakers.

Young Talent Development - Professional Presence

"I learnt necessary skills to ensure greater engagement & success."
"I will be more aware of when presenting to my team, the skills I have learnt about connection will be valuable in every aspect of my role."

Power Presence Programme

"The workshop really helped me be aware of my effect on people, I realized I wasn’t commanding and influencing the room, but now I feel a lot more equipped to command the room and actually be heard."

Steffi Lebeya, Key Account Manager, Sales

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Step 2: Meet / discuss

Meet to discuss your business needs and recommend programme / proposal.

Step 3: Agree on process/outcomes

Agree on delivery, outline your goals and pre-session programmes


Step 4: Deliver the programme

Deliver the programmes required to your business goals.

Step 5: Provide final feedback

Final feedback and debrief and provide information on your team's results. Included in the step is our 6 week follow up resources campaign.

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