“Absolutely enlightening! Can’t wait to practice.” “The best way anyone can be taught personal presence.” “This has been incredibly powerful. I particularly enjoyed that I could authentically embrace my voice, accent and quirks but still be powerful in my presence.”
ABSA Women's Leadership Development

Public speaking, voice & communication experts

We are behaviour change experts who specialise in customised communication solutions. Rooted in neurolinguistic programming, arts based learning and systemic constellations methodologies. We empower CEO’s, managers, executives and individuals looking to achieve their next level.

Our programmes have been designed to merge the theory and the practical which brings both insight and understanding. Delivering the highest quality training and coaching that will assist professionals in achieving their corporate development goals.

Offering learning solutions to create a powerful opportunity to gain perspective on how you ‘show up’ and communicate in business situations. Our processes have been designed for global application, empowering people to navigate borders and cultural boundaries in service of their business goals.

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Science meets fun.

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We know excellent communication is the key to building a strong career, being an inspirational leader, growing high-performance teams and selling anything. Our magic is in our toolbox- a mixture of science, arts, improvisation, voice and body language techniques that leaves our clients with specific skills, so that they can apply to master conflict situations, office discussion, public speaking, presentations and high powered boardroom meetings.

Offering corporate packages that provide experiential and practical tools to communicate, disarm, connect and build relationships more effectively. Our individual coaching will allow you to dive deep into the triggers and issues you personally have in showing up authentically and through one-on-one sessions we will help you overcome those obstacles.

We are expert coaches and our coaching empowers you to get smart, clear and effective in your delivery and approach. Each person who goes through our programmes gets individualised attention and learning customised around their key needs to activate positive behaviour change linked to their business outcomes.

Our methods are simple, physical and fun whilst being effective, sound and practical.

Meet our founders

Founded in 2002 by Juliette and Al.

Coming from a background of performance arts and improvisation, Juliette and Al decided to take their passion for performance, expression and communication to the highly competitive world of business where individuals and teams need to master their respective worlds with authentic and credible confidence.

Together they combined their expertise to create a communications toolkit that would help corporate leaders, teams and executives thrive in pressurised environments where the stakes are high.

Drawing from their expertise in drama, performance, comedy and improvisation, Al and Juliette have designed a series of interactive and practical programmes and workshop that empower, encourage and draws the best out in you so that you can connect better with others.

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