Master Virtual

Are most of your business meetings and presentations now conducted virtually?

Are you struggling to effectively engage and win over your stakeholders and clients no matter how much you prepare?

Do you feel like your business relationships are harder to build and maintain through a camera and screen?

30 September 2021

Time: 09h00 - 10h30

What before felt natural and easy, filled with handshakes, coffee and small talk to ease us in, now often feels stilted and exhausting. How do you get people to turn their videos cameras on and give you their full attention and feedback?

Join high-performance communication coach Juliette Jenner, in this game-changer 90-minute webinar to easily transform your virtual communication skill and increase your success! Juliette has coached thousands of professionals to master her simple, practical Virtual Communication Toolkit and re-energise their meetings and presentations.

Boost your online personal presence, get and hold attention and radically increase your ability to influence others!

“Absolutely valuable information shared. This would definitely help me with my online engagements with stakeholders,”

Who should attend?

  • Business departments and intact teams who need to increase the success and impact of their virtual meetings with each other and diverse stakeholders.
  • Managers and leaders of virtual teams.
  • Professionals looking to increase their impact online.

What you will learn:

Meet your coach, Juliette Jenner

Juliette Jenner founded the Dynamic Voice Company in 2002, specialising in bespoke coaching solutions to increase personal presence and impact, communication strategy skill and creative collaboration of professionals and leaders in high performing teams and organisations.

What our previous attendees had to say about this webinar

“Thank you for placing on-line presentation into perspective and helping us understand the importance of the ways we should conduct ourselves in an on-line environment whether it is audio, meetings, calls and presentations or video calls and presentations.”
“Thanks for setting the tone on Presence in meetings whether small or large. I will be practicing the skills more. It’s great to have everyone engaged in a meeting.””
“Thanks to the session, I now have techniques on how to step into a presentation.”
Stanlib Lesotho
“This was an excellent session and the topic was very relevant in our environment..”
“Absolutely valuable information shared. This would deifnately help me with my online engagements with stakeholders.”
“The coaches were awesome and very helpful. I really enjoyed the session. The coach shared insights but from the demonstrated ability to show up powerfully and have a captivating presence herself throughout the whole session.”

Don't Miss Out!

Date: 30th September 2021
Time: 09h00 – 10h30
Cost: R495 excl. vat per person