Speak with influence

Public speaking VIRTUAL workshop

The Art of Public Speaking & Presenting

This critical skill-set is key to career growth and building stature in your organisation and greater industry. This session’s techniques will enable you to speak with influence as you deliver a virtual or in-person presentation.

Who should attend?

Individuals at any level of business interested in mastering Public Speaking and want to deliver virtual or in-person presentations. 

You will learn to:

  • Learn simple, powerful storytelling techniques that impact decision-making through engaging hearts and minds.
  • What do I do with my hands? Learn the secrets of confident body language and posture.
  • Learn how to turn your information into sense-making: speak strategically to your stakeholder’s needs.
  • Learn how to think and respond on your feet, handling Q&A’s like a pro.
  • The do’s and don’t’s of powerpoint and audio visual aids- how to present with and without them.
  • Learn breathing techniques to support your voice and manage your state
  • Learn how to ‘pitch’ your energy for professional engagement.
  • Learn to engage your power voice for clear and impactful speech.
  • Put content together that is succint, purposeful and works.
  • Learn about the behaviour and technique shifts you need to make to be successful at virtual screen presenting vs in-person presenting.
  • Learn to connect, command the attention of the audience and build a great relationship in-person and virtually on a screen.

Virtual Workshop Structure:

Date: TBC

Duration: 08h00 – 12h30

Module 1- Story Power for Presenting
 2-hour Small Group Coaching Session (08h00-10h00) 


Module 2 – Become a Power Speaker
2-hour Small Group Coaching Session (10h30-12h30)

Platform: Zoom

Cost: R2, 500 excl. vat per person

Cost Includes:
an exercise manual
activities & worksheets
instruction tutorials
video resources.